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Support the Collège


Since its reopening in 2008, the Collège des Bernardins has regained its beauty and the richness of its mission through the support and generosity of many donors, individuals and businesses. To fulfill its mission of intellectual creation, research, dialog and training, substantial financial resources are required.

Today, the Collège des Bernardins receives no public subsidy to finance its activities. It is essentially your donations that fund its mission of reflection, culture and education.

Consequently the Collège des Bernardins has a pressing need for individuals, companies and other institutions to bring their support to in order for it to continue to serve mankind now and in the future.

Where will my gift go?

By supporting the Collège des Bernardins:

  • You help its establishment within the city, by encouraging its more widespread recognition;
  • You contribute to its international reputation, and the dissemination of ideas and thoughts regarding the future of mankind;
  • You support its various events and enable proposals for a richer program of conferences and debates, artisticevents, theological and biblical training, and the research center;
  • You promote the sustainability of the building itself, including its exceptional architectural quality which is linked to the project.

How to bring your support?

As an individual:

  • By offering to volunteer at the Collège des Bernardins: 180 volunteers are now involved in the day–to-day running of our institution
  • Supporting the College via the “Fondation des Bernardins”
  • By initiating an immediate donation online or by check
  • By making a legacy or a donation

I wish to be contacted by a member of the “Fondation des Bernardins”

As a legal entity:

  • By making a financial donation on behalf of my company
  • By providing non-financial sponsorship  (material or skills sponsorship) on behalf of my company

I wish to be contacted by a member of the “Fondation des Bernardins”