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At the heart of the Latin Quarter in Paris a thirteenth century Cistercian building stands intact: the Collège des Bernardins.

Seven and a half centuries after its foundation , and after four years of restoration , this Christian institution  has returned  to its original purpose: to be a place of knowledge and faith in the heart of the city, and to renew  a dialogue between  Christian wisdom and  society.

Open to all those who wonder about the meaning of life and the fate of mankind, the Collège des  Bernardins invites everyone to discuss and exchange ideas, through philosophical reflection, research, training or artistic expression. It offers itself as a space for questioning and building ... to design together the society of today and tomorrow.

In order to address man in all his dimensions: spiritual, intellectual and emotional , the Collège des Bernardins focuses on three main areas:


The Research Center consists of six departments dedicating their work to a deep reflection about  humanity and the spiritual scope of existence.

This division also relies on the work of the Bernardins professorial chair, currently headed by Milad Doueihi and Jacques-François Marchandise, and those of the Observatory of Modernity, led by Chantal Delsol and Antoine Guggenheim.


From the public lectures at the Ecole Cathédrale to the more specific teachings of  the Notre Dame Faculty, the Collège des  Bernardins hosts within its walls a recognized center of philosophical and theological education . The courses offered are open to anyone wishing to discover or deepen Christian thought, to study canonical matters to assume a responsibility within the Church.
Despite their diversity, all lectures have the common aim of being focused on the Word of God and on the relationship between faith and reason.

Events and Culture

The College offers a rich program, where lectures and debates rub shoulders with  contemporary art exhibitions, music, arts, cinema ... Between the rational and emotional  approach, the variety of events offered allows everyone to to participate and to achieve self-recognition.

In 2015, the richness and varietyof what has been offered have attracted an audience of more than 250,000 people.
The Collège des Bernardins is also present beyond its walls, through its website that receives 500,000 visitors each year.

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