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La question de l’existence d’un « peuple » européen peut être posée si on considère celui-ci avant tout comme un acteur politique.

Les institutions européennes et l’existence d’une citoyenneté de l’Union depuis Maastricht pourraient laisser imaginer un tel peuple. En est-il vraiment ainsi ? Toutes les conditions nécessaires à l’existence d’un peuple sont-elles vraiment réunies ?

Moreover, an irregular example of 594 Grade 3 students took an interest in Performance-Based Assessment exercises. An expansive scope of perusing and writing abilities was evaluated, as students occupied with hands-on book perusing and a writing action. This record manages Part A: Writing and with the perusing and writing segments of the Performance-Based Assessment. Each example paper in this archive has been duplicated as it appeared to the markers, that is, in the student's very own handwriting. Going with every student's reaction and writing explanation is a discourse relating the attributes of the reaction to the descriptors in the scoring guide. The underlying work of affirming the benchmarks that administered the scoring of the June 1993 writing task was attempted by a gathering of experienced Grade Level 3 English Language learning educators during the seven day stretch of June 27, 1993. Their assignment was to peruse a huge enough example of papers to discover models of the full scope of the checking criteria. These educators chose papers that were illustrative of the different scoring descriptors. The subsequent advance in affirming norms included a day-long session for educators who were exceptionally chosen to fill in as pioneers of little gatherings of markers. These instructors checked on the example papers chose during the way toward affirming models and supported them as suitable instances of the different scores conceivable, accordingly setting the stamping criteria so they were reliable with desires for writing in Grade Level 3 English Language Learning.

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